Editor Gizmos

I'm still impressed with how easy it is to get things done in the Godot engine code. What little official documentation there is on making editor gizmos is geared towards GDScript/GDNative, so I was pretty much on my own. However, doing a global search for "Gizmo" in the source code …

jonri • Friday, March 15, 2019

Hydro for Godot released!

Version 0.1.0 of Hydro, my hydrodynamics module for Godot has been released! While there are several improvements I'd still like to make, it is definitely usable right now. Due to recent changes in the upcoming 3.1 code, you'll need to be on 3.1 Beta 4 or newer for the module …

jonri • Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hydrodynamics in Godot - Demo 3

Another week, another demo! The major addition this time is the waves. It was too expensive to calculate the wave height at every single point on the boat, so I had to compromise a little. I take the plane of the boat's bounding box and subdivide it into four quadrants, …

jonri • Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Hydrodynamics in Godot - Demo 2

Things have come a long way since the first demo! Here are some highlights:

  • My code is refactored into a module. The boat is a WatercraftBody (my counterpart to VehicleBody) which takes some inputs for the thrust and steering. Input is wired to steer the boat and control the throttle …

jonri • Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hydrodynamics in Godot - Demo 1

I've been playing around with the idea of hydrodynamic physics on objects in the water, here's my first milestone!

There are several forces that come into play, which are drawn in the video. To calculate them all, the first step is to figure out how much of the object is …

jonri • Tuesday, February 12, 2019