Low-Poly Oceans

Friday, April 12, 2019

Most low-poly water I've seen is flat with a stylized shoreline. But what's a developer to do when you want a rolling ocean? I wasn't sure, so I took a stab at it. I wanted the polygons to show so the waves were visible, so I tried to blend the flat shading approach with reflectivity and lightening the wave crests.

I think the overall effect is OK but the ocean is too uniform. I got some suggestions to vary the size of the triangles so I think I'll give that a try. I'm already generating the plane of equalateral triangles with GDScript, so something a little more random should be doable.

The SSR quality unfortunately isn't that great, so I'm not sure if I'll keep it.

All in all, I'm making good progress on my Stable Release Game Jam project. It's even helped me identify some bugs in my Hydro module. Attaching a lot of ballast to an object makes it twitch wildly before sinking! I'm saving that video for the blooper reel for my game.

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